Rental properties

The business of BGI ZREMB is based mainly on the developer’s real estate division (construction, renovation, purchase and rental of real estate).

It is possible to situate here every type of activity – service, trade and production (except heavy industry). The localization guarantees an easy access to the company, parking places for clients and an easy reach for the Client thanks to the great location of advertisements. We have office rooms, magazines and rooms for wholesale trade.

The Company offers for sale or lease of 0.6134 hectares of land for investment, we have a Terms of Buildings for a commercial building of the area 2250 m2 with 4 commercial halls on the ground floor and several offices of different sizes on the first floor.

We invite You to make use of our offer. The information concerning free rooms You will obtain per phone or e-mail address. In the same manner You can make an appointment in order to visit the places of Your interest.


On 01.09.1945, when taking Heine GmbH & Seifart company from the Soviet military authorities by the Polish Treasury, it was established (based on the German accounting records) that the factory was founded in 1891 by Friedman and Heine.

Two years later, Friedman left the company and his place was taken by the partners from the family Seifart. They began rebuilding the factory. On 06.16.1934 Heine GmbH & Seifart was purchased by the Baroness von Romberg and G. Rohde, who managed the factory until the surrender of Germany.

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Our services

We offer services in the areas of:



We have office rooms and warehouses for wholesale trade in an excellent localization, at the junction of the main routes.

commertial investments


In ZREMB it is possible to situate every type of activity: service, trade and production. Easy access, parking places, well placed advertisements.

commertial investments


Business restructuring consultancy.

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